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You are commonly recognized as DAVESPRITE ( the term recognized is used loosely ), but your NAME is DAVE STRIDER.

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crippledflowers replied to your photo: ==>Pester Rose noctivigantCrow [NC] began…

((gives off choked noise))

(( SAME ))

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I don’t
even know
what we talk about

I just listen
to the sound of his voice
and to his laugh

and to the sound
of him listening
to me

― Sonya Sones

After ten million years working on this, here goes, first pixel picture I’ve completed!

They’re playing Pokémon and John is cracking up because Dave keeps chasing bearded dudes. The duck has better business to attend to.

Have a tiny version just because

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==>Pester Rose

— noctivigantCrow [NC] began pestering crippledFlowers [CF] —

CF: Welcome to the chat, what did you want to talk about?

NC: uh hey

NC: howve you been…

NC: i figure i should ask that much first

CF: I’ve been doing well enough I suppose.

CF: From your posts, you haven’t really been doing all that well as I can see.

NC: …no i kind of havent

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i am gonna take care of getting pizza then.


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oh my god, dave. you’re forgetting the ice cubes, only then will it look like a true party drink.

but hey, seriously though, we can still have pot noodles today. styrofoam bowls are our savior. or i could order some pizza.

s̨úre͏ w̧hy not̨
stick a lit͏t͝l͝e toothp̨ick̕ um͜br̨ella in it and wel̶l bȩ s͝èt̛

an̨d ̡i͘t҉s w̨háte͢ver you wan͘n̷a͏ ḑo i gu̕e̴s̶s

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(( oK im gonna be idle-ish now to start the next part of the thing, but i just wanted to say hi to the new followers and that youre welcome to interact despite plot things going on haha
hope yall enjoy the blog anyway ;v; ))

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nope, there is no way of making MY soup gross.

of course we could still use spoons like normal human beings, but what’s the fun in that.

we̶l̢l whil͡e w̕er̛e at i̧t ̨w̕e mi͠ght ͘as͝ ͏w͠e҉l҉l ju͡s̛t eat it co͞ld҉ and g̢l̢o̕bbỳ straight o̸ut òf҉ ͏tḩe̵ c҉àn huh

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biologistofectoplasm replied to your post: we were going to hav soup but we…

i still think this is a chance to use our imagination, dude. make the soup all creamy, pour it into a bottle and just drink it with a straw.

t̀h҉at so͞ùņds kin͜d̸ of gr͘oss

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